Enhanced Data Sharing Model

If you are a registered patient you will have an electronic medical record held on our secure clinical system, which is called SystmOne.

A facility is now available whereby your record can be shared between Saxonbrook clinicians and other health professionals who are involved with your direct care, provided that they also use SystmOne as their clinical system.

There are strict rules about sharing and you will be asked by each provider of care to consent to “sharing in” and “sharing out”.

If you consent your care record held by your GP practice or medical service will be shared with other medical services involved in your care (such as district nursing, health visiting, physiotherapy, podiatry, Out of Hours (OOH) providers in our area, and Crawley Health Centre etc. You will get asked about “sharing in” and “sharing out” just once per provider. You have a choice to say yes or no and can change your mind at a later date as well.

If you have not consented to eDSM sharing previously through Saxonbrook and wish to share your record with one of the above providers (for example if you are visiting Crawley Hospitals Minor Injuries Unit), you will need to fulfil a data validation process before this can happen.

Information for Data Controllers on the eDSM2

Please be aware that if you chose to opt out of eDSM, this does not opt you out of the Summary Care Record (SCR), this must be requested separately.